About us

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JSC “Norveka” is a private equity transport undertaking, providing cargo transportation services in the Baltic and Scandinavian countries (Norway, Sweden).

In order to transport cargoes, it is required to prepare for the travel in advance: to obtain the special permits, to have the necessary equipment, qualified drivers, agreements that would be concluded in advance or even the special police escort, especially while being abroad. Such process takes a lot of time, requires a certain kind of knowledge and costs a lot of money. Currently, you can entrust all of your tasks to us and we will take care of them.

We provide all the necessary support in the field of cargo transportation in the responsible, reliable and professional manner! Our loading machinery is in good working order; meanwhile, the qualified employees guarantee safety of your cargo even under frequent stream of cargoes.

We make such solutions that would be valuable, comfortable and fast for every customer! In addition, we not only consult on various matters, but also provide rare services, which other Lithuanian transport companies cannot offer you.


Freight forwarding of full cargoes


We provide freight forwarding services of full cargoes in Norway, Sweden, Finland, Denmark and sometimes in Latvia or Estonia. One customer’s order is loaded into a separate cargo vehicle. Trailers with a curtain can hold up to 25 tons (92 m³, 34 ep). Cargo is transported without reloading it, using the direct, shortest route.

We also provide the following services:
  • Warehousing of products;
  • Automated and manual loading/unloading;
  • Repackaging of products and their preparation for transportation;
  • Redistribution of cargoes;
  • Consulting of the matters, related to customs procedures. We help to find out what kind of procedures are waiting for you and advise on selection of more expedient customs procedures in respect of cost-effectiveness. We fill in import and export documentation, prepare transit documents and help to obtain and document licences and permits.
Now you are on the right road !

A Fleet of Vehicles

“Norveka” fleet of vehicles consists of over 40 vehicles from 84 m3 to 100 m3. The fleet of vehicles (isothermal or other type of trailers with curtains and refrigerators) is in good working order and meets all mandatory requirements, applied to the international freight forwarding services:

  • The vehicles can be loaded with 32 EUR-pallets and transport cargoes, weighing up to 24 tons;
  • The transported cargoes are insured by CMR insurance. Drivers have all documents that are necessary for the international and domestic cargo transportation (CMR, TIR Carnet);
  • Each vehicle is equipped with a mobile connection and built-in tracking system.

Why us?

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The company was established in 2007. Since then we carefully offer only the professional, favourable and innovative solutions to our customers. We aim to help each of you; therefore, let’s increase our operational efficiency and decrease the costs together! You can trust our company “Norveka” because:

  • We have a permit, allowing to transport PABP (Processed Animal By-Products). This permit is rare among the Lithuanian transport companies;
  • We provide Express Delivery service – it is a much faster delivery method to Norway or Sweden;
  • All services provided to you comply with requirements, set out in CMR and TIR Conventions; therefore, we can guarantee you the highest quality of services and timely delivery of cargo;
  • We use only the latest version of GPS equipment. It always helps to accurately track the location of your cargo and additionally ensures its safety;
  • We consult on the matters, related to customs procedures and other customs-approved treatment. You will save time and reduce additional expenses.